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Frances offers a range of therapeutic approaches to optimum health, including Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Kinesiology

Frances offers a range of therapeutic approaches to optimum health, including
Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Kinesiology

Frances Darcy, MNRRI


At Clare Wellness Clinic, my philosophy is that our lives can all too quickly become overshadowed by stress, aches, ailment or fatigue.

Using natural solutions, I help my clients in their pursuit for better health, facilitating their journey towards optimum wellness.

For each client, I create an individual treatment programme which encompasses a combination of my therapies taken from my many years of clinical experience and success.

I exude positive energy putting all at ease. I have a listening ear and a caring manor.

We all need a caring professional environment where we can make important changes to start living life to the full.


I create a treatment programme tailored to each individual client using a combination of the relevant therapies required.
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bio magnetic pair therapy

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy entails the usage of a pair of magnets utilising the magnetic field to correct any imbalance or dysfunction in the body.

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TFH Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to access energy and body function.

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Reiki promotes the maintenance of optimal health and wellbeing. Reiki reconnects or improves the energy flow levels throughout the entire body. The energy is experienced as a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

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A Reflexology session lasts approximately 1 hour. At the first session, a brief health history is taken and there will be further discussion of the treatment. Subsequent sessions there is a brief discussion of the clients progress.

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What clients Say

Frances has helped us enormously

I have been going to Frances myself for 5 year’s, I also bring my 3 children… I absolutely trust her judgement… she is excellent at what she does and has helped us enormously. She listens and is very friendly. We always feel relaxed in her lovely comfortable calming room. I couldn’t recommend her enough, she is an amazing person.


Grace has had a transformation in her speech!

I was recommended by a speech therapist to go to Bio-magnetic Pair Therapy to help my daughter with her development. The results were amazing, Grace has had a transformation in her speech, her sentence formation, her coordination her sleep and immune system. All amazing we are fascinated with the Telebioenergetics that Frances does. Frances has great empathy and understanding.


The results were amazing!

I’m a chiropractor, focusing on horses. I took on a pony who nobody could fix. He was lame on all 4 legs. Between myself and my farrier, we got 3 of the 4 legs sorted. The fourth, however, flummoxed us, and also 4 different vets. A friend of mine recommended Frances. So, I duly got in touch. Not only did she pinpoint where the pain was coming from, but she also identified a hormonal issue that was exacerbating the problem. I would highly recommend her to anyone for themselves or their animals!

County Galway Chiropractor

feeling of being more grounded

I have been attending Frances over the last few years for a variety of treatments. I find Kinesiology, Reiki and Reflexology have been very beneficial in helping me deal with my every day life challenges. I come away feeling more confident, relaxed and above all the feeling of being more grounded within my life. I most definitely would highly recommend Frances


I have had great results

I have had great results with Frances Darcy’s treatments. The Biomagnetic Pair Therapy has completely sorted a pain I had in my knee and elbow and also helped with chronic fatigue. Frances’ combination of kinesiology, reflexology and reiki is second to none. Attending Frances has boosted my immune system and definitely improved my wellbeing



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